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The Mission of our Church


The Mission of the Greater Bright Morning Star Baptist Church is primarily Evangelism.  This over-riding purpose must remain in the forefront of each auxiliary and ministry within the church.  Our highest aspirations are to win the lost for Christ, to develop, equip, train and education those persons who are won to Christian service, and to support the church mainly through tithes and offerings.


The Purpose of the Church is to:


·        To worship Almighty God according to the teachings of the Holy Bible;

·        To sustain the ordinances and doctrines;

·        To practice the precepts and examples of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ as set forth in the New Testament;

·        To preach and propagate among all people the gospel of God’s Salvation by personal faith in Jesus Christ, the Savior and Lord;

·        And to meet the needs of individuals in the context of a Christian environment.


The various ministries of the church shall emphasize worship, mission, evangelism, praise, Christian education, Christian training, social activities and athletic participation.

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