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Fellowship with Us


Ø Sunday School at 8:15a

Ø New Members Class at 8:15a

Ø Worship Service at 9:00a

o   Youth in Praise (1st Sunday)

o   Observance of Communion (2nd Sunday)

o   Baptism (3rd Sunday)


Ø Sunday School Teachers’ Meeting at 6:30p

Ø Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal at 7:00p

Ø L. A. Gomez Sundalettes Rehearsal at 7:00p

(After every 4th& 5th Sunday)


Ø Evangelism Outreach Ministry (2nd& 3rd Tuesday) at 6:00 p - 7:00 p

Ø Prayer (1st& 4th Tuesday) at 6:30p

Ø Praise & Worship at 7:00p

Ø Word Explosion at 7:15p


Ø Women of Virtue Ministry Monthly Meeting (1st Thursday) at 7:00p

Ø Men of Valor Ministry Monthly Meeting (2nd Thursday) at 7:00p


Ø Liturgical Dance Ministry Rehearsal at 10:00a

Ø Youth Bible Study & Wrap Session (1st Saturday) at 11:00a


But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;

and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Matthew 6:33

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    Greater Bright Morning Star Baptist Church
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    "Where God Is Doing More with Less"
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